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Courseware for License (Course Code - JON):

Systems management with JBoss® Operations Network on the JBoss® Application Server

JON (JBoss Operations Network) is an enterprise management solution for JBoss servers and other middleware products. It is based on RHQ, which is the upstream open-source product that JON is built on. All the capabilities covered for JON are applicable to working with RHQ also.

The course provides an in-depth, hands-on introduction to JON, with a focus on using it to manage JBoss server installations/clusters (JBoss EAP 6, JBoss AS 7, and/or WildFly 8) as well as associated products such as Apache httpd/mod_cluster. The course starts with the basics, including the somewhat complex installation, and goes on to cover all the important capabilities of JON.

Course Information

Duration: 2 day

Hands-on: Minimum 50% hands-on labs

Supported Platforms: JON 3.3.x or RHQ 4.13.x on Windows and *nix.

Skills Gained:

Course Details:

Session 1:  Introduction and Installation

  • Overview and Architecture
    • Introduction and Capabilities
    • Key Components and Architecture
    • Web Console
  • Installation and Configuration
    • Acquiring and Installing
    • Setting up the Database
    • Setting up / Configuring the Server
    • Installing the Server and Agent
    • Running JON, Working with the Web Console
  • Provisioning Plugins
    • Investigating Agent Plugins
    • Obtaining, and Provisioning Agent Plugins

Session 2: Managed Resources

  • Inventory
    • Inventory Overview (Resource Hierarchies, Status)
    • Auto-Discovery and Importing
    • Working with Inventory
  • Monitoring and Alerts
    • Monitoring Overview
    • Data Aggregation, Metrics, Graphing
    • Configuring Data Collection
    • Response Time Monitoring
    • Alerts and Notifications
  • Configuration and Management
    • Resource Configuration and History
    • JBoss Server Configuration
    • Resource Operations
    • Resource Groups
  • Provisioning Bundles
    • Provisioning System Overview and Use Cases
    • Understanding all the Pieces
    • Ant Bundle Recipe
    • Application Deployment
    • Server Deployment
    • Overview
    • Public APIs
    • CLI Scripts and Server-side Scripts
    • Installing and Using the JON CLIE
    • Finding Resources, Resource Proxies
  • Drift Management
    • Understanding Drift
    • Drift Definitions and Baselines
    • Snapshots and Drift Monitoring
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